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Self Indulgence – Know Yourself

Umesh Upaadyay shares How well do you know yourself? Well, this is not the questions of those types, which means, who are you?  What is your sole purpose? Why are you born and related ones. Let us jump these off, sounding philosophical questions and at times the question which people may just ask off track from actually realizing what they’ve asked.      Coming back, so what’s a big deal in knowing self? You may ask and in the same breath state, you know yourself completely.   You very well know, who you are, when were you born, what all do you like and your dislikes are, how good you are in mathematics, who is your favorite actor, what happens when someone scolds you or when do you get angry and many more.    Knowing these, does that make you complete? Does this still address, who you really are?   Are these the constituents who you are?   You may ponder a bit and the answer would be, no, maybe not, not completely etc. You may argue and ask, so do I need to exa