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9 Personal attributes of Highly Successful people

What it takes to be successful ? Those who are successful definitely adopt and cultivate certain traits, unarguably. To some, these traits are intrinsic to certain degrees and the rest is what they cultivate, with time. For the rest, it does not pop up all of a sudden which they grab it and use it. Instead, they work hard until they realize, what works and those attributes are then imbibed and observed for results. Upon succeeding, those acquired traits eventually become their way of doing things and gets stitched in their working style. At the onset, the most essential constituent is the presence of a right mindset to learn or to be successful. This is coming straight from my own personal experience during my career across MNCs and presently while working as a Coach. In those who’re successful you would definitely notice almost similar qualities which make them successful. Though, the approach or methodologies may vary to certain degrees, basis the work they are involved i

Marriage - How to make it work

We, human beings, as a part of the ever evolving cosmos, are presently experiencing this existence in physical form.  Thus, birth, old age, sickness and death are inevitable to all.  Our ancient Scriptures and traditions states, that the four aims of life are to be accomplished by conducting  life in four stages  which are - "B hramacharya, Grihastha, Vanaspratha  and S amnyasa ". The second stage, Grihastha deals with marriage and includes the goals of dharma, progeny and sex.  Thus, a human being would be able to  pursue  Dharma  (duty), A rtha  (possessions), K ama  (physical desires), and M oksha  (ultimate spiritual release), together.  Marriage is also considered an important aspect of this life’s journey.  That is different, if someone chooses not to marry.  This is completely fine, as getting married is not a compulsion.  Humans have the free will and they can exercise their free will, as they think it is appropriate for them.  Going for marriage does not solve